Creative travelling to keep costs low – Why not go by bike?

10 Jan

I’m sure there must be a term used for this time of year. Winter is setting in and we are dreaming of getting away from the cold up here in the dirty north. From Canada, Cuba clearly offers the best prices to get away from home, as shown in my last post – 508 bucks for a trip for two to Veradero, Cuba.

The downside to going to Cuba this time of year is the weather could be hit or miss. I looked at the weather this week and it hovers around 22 degrees during the best of times. That’s not exactly the ideal beach weather, but it’s perfect biking weather.

As a guy who does not own a car, prefers biking over driving, and takes the occasional long distance biking trip, I got to thinking. Why not bike around Cuba?

This couple wrote a book about it: Wallace & Barbara Smith.  After reading their site I bought their book on Amazon. Should  be an interesting read.

Guidebook authors Craig & Kathy Copeland had the same idea and posted this article in Calgary Herald a couple years ago. “The Canadian Embassy claims that about 500,000 Canadians visit Cuba each year. It’s not true. Oh, the number’s accurate, but the statement’s not. Because very few of those Canadians actually visit Cuba…It might be a vacation from Canada, but it hardly qualifies as “visiting Cuba.””


$508 – Round trip for 2 to from Toronto Leaving Monday Jan 10

7 Jan

I’ve seen some pretty cheap prices, but I’ve never actually seen something this inexpensive.

Toronto to Veradero 508

Air Canada Promo Code for 15% off – Book by Dec. 23, 2010

21 Dec

Just got this deal from AC by email and it’s all your because we’re not planning on using it.  Let us know if it works and do share where you’re planning to go!


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Welcome to Karl Knows Best Canada’s Travel Deal Blog

19 Dec

What is Karl Knows Best all about?

This site is about sharing our little tricks to traveling affordably and often.

We are two days away from the longest day of the year – December 21st.  If feels like yesterday the weather was nice here in Ottawa.  But now – I can’t wait until my next vacation.  I recently bought a ticket to Tokyo, Japan, with my girlfriend, Helene, and her brothers.  A little bit of hunting and a lot of luck got us all a pretty sweet deal.

Use Your Points

Helene’s brother gave her a business class ticket – yes all expenses paid (except tax) – to Japan.  It goes to show that Aeroplan miles do pay off for some people.  Did I mention he also got his other brother a business class ticket as well. Unfortunately, he ran out of points for me…

While it may seem fairly obvious, most people I know don’t collect air miles, aeroplan or any of the other travel point.   Not to mention, most people don’t know their points expire after a year (I lost 18,000 points), which is still a pretty sore spot for me.

While I didn’t get a free business class ticket, I faired out pretty well. I had accumulated $606 dollars worth of points on my credit card, so I still got a pretty good deal. Scotia Rewards (through Scotia Bank) matched an Air Canada 15% off deal and I ended up booking my flight for $413. Can’t argue with that.

The point: Having a little bit of patience and a lot of persistence pays off.